Birth is nothing if not unpredictable.

It's a moment you've prepared for and envisioned for months - maybe years. Every decision has been carefully thought out: where you're birthing, your care provider, your doula. You've created the perfect little nest to welcome your baby into. Choosing a photographer is no easy task either. Birth is relentlessly unpredictable and you only experience each one once, so investing in a committed professional with extensive knowledge and expertise is of utmost importance.

All collections include an in-person consultation/Zoom call and on-call availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, starting at 37 weeks and ending only when you meet your baby. I’ll document from active labor to 1-2 hours postpartum (longer if more coverage is needed). Your investment covers 3 AM wake up calls, unlimited false alarms, and missed holidays - no matter what, I'll be there.

EXTended payment plans are available for all packages.
Gift cards are available as well.

Birth Films

Film Collection II - $2495 + tax

A 6-9 minute birth film set to licensed music, 150+ high resolution photos edited in both color and B&W, and a sneak peak sent within 24 hours of birth.

This package also includes a one hour documentary photo session (maternity, newborn, OR family) and a personalized 8x8 album. Your film, raw footage (every clip I take) and all photos are delivered via private download link.

Film Collection I - $1995 + tax

A 3-5 minute birth film set to licensed music, 125+ high resolution photos edited in both color and B&W, and a sneak peak sent within 24 hours of birth. Your film, raw footage (every clip I take) and all photos are delivered via private download link.

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150+ high resolution photos edited in both color and B&W, and sneak peeks sent within 24 hours of birth. All images are delivered via private online gallery with unlimited downloads. 

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Video Only

A 3-5 minute birth film set to licensed music and all your raw footage (every clip I take). Both film and raw footage are delivered via private download link.

$1695 + tax

Reel Add On

A condensed version of your film in a 60-90 second reel that you can easily share on all platforms.

$195 + tax

1 Hour Session

A 3-5 minute birth film set to licensed music, 125+ high resolution photos edited in both color and B&W, and a sneak peak sent within 24 hours of birth. Your film, raw footage (every clip I take) and all photos are delivered via private download link.

$475 + tax

2 Minute Film Add On

A 3-5 minute birth film set to licensed music, 125+ high resolution photos edited in both color and B&W, and a sneak peak sent within 24 hours of birth. Your film, raw footage (every clip I take) and all photos are delivered via private download link.

$395 + tax

A la Carte


Why should I hire a birth photographer?

Birth can be a whirlwind with many things going on around you (and inside of you). Many parents find that through labor and birth, the mind may get a little cloudy, leaving them with only a few concrete memories of their experience. Birth films and photography allows families to remember, see, feel, and sometimes process all of the small and big moments of their journey. The soft touch of your partners hand against your forehead, the raw emotion on your face, the tender words of your support team. And of course, the magical moment you finally meet and hold your baby. 

Many of my clients cry when they see their images or film of their birth for the first time. Being able to relive the day your baby came into this world can be so powerful and captivating. Like a wedding, a birth is a day you will remember forever. Having professional birth photographs and/or film can turn those memories into something tangible.

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Is there anywhere that doesn’t allow birth photography?

I have photographed births throughout Utah and I've never had an issue photographing at any hospital, birth center, or home birth practice. I’ve even known many hospitals that welcome photographers into the OR for a c-section (specifically the UofU and St. Marks Hospital) but it is ultimately up to the anesthesiologist who is on call the day of your birth. I suggest having a conversation with your provider about the facility you plan on birthing at.

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Are you allowed in the hospital with me during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Happily, most local hospitals in Utah have opened up a ton! I have not had any issues accessing any hospital in the last year. With the past COVID-19 restrictions, photographers were not considered “essential” and therefore may not be able to document your birth within your chosen hospital. I AM a certified doula and some hospitals are allowing doula’s into the birthing space along with the birthing persons support person. You will need to check with your specific hospital for policies to confirm that I am able to join you on your birth day.

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Do you use flash?

I use flash for most of my birth work, regardless of time of day and amount of available light. Using flash is what allows me to create images with the high contrast, rich coloring, and sharpness many people love about my work. I never point my flash directly at you (or anybody, for that matter) - I bounce it off of a nearby surface, usually a wall or the ceiling. To date, nobody has asked me to turn it off and when I've inquired, my past clients have told me that they didn't even notice I was using it. That being said, if you find that it does bother you, please don't hesitate to speak up. My camera is well equipped to handle the challenging light in most circumstanc­es and your comfort is my utmost priority. If it's too dark for my camera to achieve focus, I may have to add just enough light to al­leviate the problem. I usually will turn on a small lamp, or a closet, hallway, or bathroom light for this.

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When should I hire you?

You can book with me as soon as you get a positive pregnancy test! The sooner, the better as I only take a limited amount of births each month and availability can fill up quickly. This will also allows early set up of a payment plan if needed. But in most cases, my clients book their birth session in their second trimester.

I have had past clients that have had a history of pregnancy loss and have concerns about hiring sooner than they're comfortable with. If you were to experience a loss, 100% of any payments made would be refunded. 

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Are there any other charges added to my session?

The only added charge is sales tax. The Utah State Tax Commission requires photographers to charge sales tax (7.25% in my city) on everything...including sitting fees, digital images and physical products.

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Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I offer payment plans of up to 12 months. I'm happy to customize a payment plan that works best for you! In most cases, a 25% non-refundable retainer will need to be paid in full before a payment plan can start. I have also had many clients put photography & videography services on their baby registry or ask for gift cards to help cover the cost. Get in touch for more information, I’m happy to help!

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Do you work with a back up?

Yes! I primarily work with Rowan Steiner of Salt City Birth as well as Julie Francom of Julie Francom Birth. If you feel more connected to another photographer as a back up, I will absolutely reach out to them and ask if they'd like to back me up.

Doing birth work is demanding. We go on-call for our clients the 4 weeks surrounding their due date. In order to ensure that all of our clients receive the best possible experience, Rowan and I share call and sometimes swap-out if a birth goes longer than expected. This gives our clients the piece of mind that they will have a photographer at their birth, even if one of us is sick or has a family emergency. We are both trained doulas, mothers, and dear friends.

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When do you arrive?

I like to arrive when my clients are in active labor. If your care provider is doing cervical checks - I usually like to be with you from around 5 centimeters onward. If you are not being checked, I come when you have an active pattern of contractions that you can't talk or walk through. And of course, I trust my birthing clients and feel that your intuition is spot on. You know your body and baby best and we will be talking regularly before and during your labor to ensure that I come at just the right time.

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What happens if you miss the birth?

Birth can be unpredictable! I make every effort to arrive (or send a back up) with enough time to capture your labor, birth, and first hours together. In the event of a truly precipitous labor, I still aim to tell your story (in this case...your story was a fast, unpredictable birth!) I'll stay as long as we need to get the same amount of images you would have received if you had a longer labor. I also encourage you to designate someone to film or take photos with a phone in landscape orientation as a last resort if me or my back up haven’t arrived. I can edit/add them into your story and this way you have something documented.

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How many images can I expect?

I typically deliver between 100-200 (sometimes more) professionally edited images in both color and B&W. The exact number depends on the package you choose, as well as the unique length and unfolding of your story.

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Do you share every birth on social media?

I LOVE sharing empowering images of birth. Through these images, we can change the way our culture views motherhood and birth. However, I absolutely respect families that wish to keep their birth images private. During our consultation, I'll discuss exactly what you do or don't want shared. I will always honor your requests for privacy.

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How many births do you take each month?

I book between 2-4 births a month. By sharing call with Rowan, you don't ever have to worry about not having your birth photographer at your birth.

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What is your pricing?

Birth photography is an investment, but it's one worth making! Birth collections range from $1695 to $2495 depending on what type of package you're looking for. Other sessions range from $350-$700. For more details, you can visit here.

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Do you offer other types of sessions?

I specialize in birth, BUT I love documenting families and connections. I offer Golden Hour, maternity, newborn/Fresh 48 and family sessions that you can learn about here

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Can we get together to meet first?

Absolutely! I'd love to take you out for coffee or tea and answer any more questions you have in person. Fill out this form, and we'll find a time to meet or if you’d be more comfortable with a Zoom call, we can schedule that as well.

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